Crime Roundup: San Francisco Bay Area Edition

With so much crime in the world, it’s no wonder why the bail bonds industry is thriving. Every day there are new stories about crimes being committed. At Icon Bail Bonds, we handle cases every day that run the gamut in the spectrum of crime and punishment. While the types […]

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Local Crime Roundup: San Jose Edition

Crime is a rampant occurrence in our society, as those in the San Jose bail bonds industry know all too well. Thefts, assaults, drug offenses and beyond — these occurrences keep police, bail bondsmen and media outlets busy day in and day out. Last week brought us a variety of […]

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Strong Arm Robbery at San Jose Grocery Store

On September 23, 2014 a suspect was arrested after stealing liquor from a grocery store. The suspect attempting to leave the store with the liquor was confronted by the grocery store security but was able to flee after fighting with the security officer. San Jose Police caught up with the […]

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