Fremont Bail Bonds

Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself behind bars. As you might imagine, life in jail is no picnic. If you are ever in need of Fremont bail bonds, then you’ll likely be housed at the Fremont Detention Center. This facility holds up to 96 prisoners and is the first stop for inmates en route to the Alameda County Jail.

You’ve probably seen those reality shows set in jails and prisons and wondered if that’s what being locked up is really like. One thing many people don’t realize is how boring being in jail can be. Prisoners are subjected to long periods of time with little interaction or even exercise. Take a look at what a day in jail might look like:


While individual schedules may vary from jail to jail, mornings usually begin around 6 am. Inmates are ordered to stand and be counted. Shortly thereafter, breakfast is served. Most of the time, prisoners eat their meals in the community center of the unit, which is equipped with tables. Some jails may allow prisoners to eat meals in their cells, which are small areas equipped with cots and toilets. There is no privacy in the cells; prisoners are “in the open” even when using the bathroom facilities.


Prisons typically have jobs for the inmates to do. However, those in county jail may find themselves bored. There are periods of lockdown when inmates are confined to their cells, as well as periods when they are permitted to move throughout the unit. Entertainment is normally limited to whatever books the jail has made available, and sometimes television in the community area. There may be limited periods of time when prisoners are permitted to use the exercise facilities.


During the evening hours, dinner is served in the same manner as breakfast and lunch. When it comes to personal hygiene, some institutions have set times when inmates are permitted to use the showers. Others allow inmates to use the shower facilities when they choose. During the evening hours, inmates often read, write letters or watch whatever television is available. Some socialize in the community area of the unit. Inmate count and lockdown are repeated, with lights out happening around 10 pm.

The reality of being locked up in jail is neither exciting or glamorous. It’s a place you never want to find yourself, but if you are ever arrested you’ll need the services of an experienced Fremont bail bonds professional to gain your freedom as you await your trial. At Icon Bail Bonds, we provide fast, friendly, discreet service. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you!