The Problem of Jail Overcrowding

Jail overcrowding is a problem that plagues facilities across the nation, and is especially prevalent in California. It’s estimated that every month, approximately 13,500 inmates housed in California jails are released early. Over the past three years, the number of inmates gaining early release has jumped 34 percent. In Los […]

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Crime Roundup: San Francisco Bay Area Edition

With so much crime in the world, it’s no wonder why the bail bonds industry is thriving. Every day there are new stories about crimes being committed. At Icon Bail Bonds, we handle cases every day that run the gamut in the spectrum of crime and punishment. While the types […]

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Understanding California Marijuana Laws

According to the Drug Policy Alliance, nearly 800,000 people in the United States were arrested in 2012 for marijuana-related violations. The Redwood City bail bonds industry handles plenty of marijuana related arrest cases — in California alone there were an average 13,434 felony arrests and 7768 misdemeanor arrests for marijuana-related […]

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Local Crime Roundup: San Jose Edition

Crime is a rampant occurrence in our society, as those in the San Jose bail bonds industry know all too well. Thefts, assaults, drug offenses and beyond — these occurrences keep police, bail bondsmen and media outlets busy day in and day out. Last week brought us a variety of […]

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Life in Jail: What’s It Really Like?

Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself behind bars. As you might imagine, life in jail is no picnic. If you are ever in need of Fremont bail bonds, then you’ll likely be housed at the Fremont Detention Center. This facility holds up to 96 prisoners and is the first stop for […]

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Mentally Ill and Behind Bars: A Growing Epidemic

The incarceration of individuals suffering from mental illnesses is on the rise in our society. According to the National Institute of Corrections, over one million individuals with psychiatric disorders were incarcerated in 2006. Today, that number is surely even higher. One reason for this staggering statistic goes back to the […]

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Crime Roundup: 3 Arrested in Purse Snatching Case, DUI Arrestee Reveals Murder and More

REDWOOD CITY — On Sunday, January 4, 2015 a 58-year-old woman was mugged in the parking lot of the Bridgepointe Shopping Center at approximately 7:30 pm. According to reports, the woman was knocked to the ground by an assailant who grabbed her handbag and escaped into a nearby Mercedes.

Three individuals […]

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An Introduction to Bail Bonds Terminology

Bail bonds allow a person who has been arrested to go free while they await their trial. If a person is arrested and the judge sets bail, a bail bondsman will put up the full amount for a fee of around 10 percent. This service allows people who cannot afford the full […]

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